Shaoling Peng

Shaoling Peng, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Boston Children's Hospital

Shaoling is a postdoctoral research fellow co-advised by Dr. Alexander Cohen and Dr. Michael Fox at the BWH Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics. He earned his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Beijing Normal University. He has previously been involved in identifying brain networks of psychological functions such as emotion and working memory in healthy subjects using neuroimaging techniques. In his post-doc, he will focus on identifying the brain circuits responsible for neurological and psychiatric symptoms, which can potentially improve targets of neuromodulation in treating these diseases. Outside of his primary research, he is also interested in the field of animal behavior, with a particular fascination for the behavior of hyenas. He is a fan of soccer, and although he has had limited opportunities to play during his lifetime, he often used to say that his ideal life was to play soccer every day.


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  • PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

    Beijing Normal University

  • MA in Psychology

    South China Normal University