Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback for ADHD

We are currently seeking participants with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for a study investigating whether people can improve their attention by viewing their brain signals in real time.

Why are we studying this?

Both the brain and behavior have the potential to be changed in temporary or permanent ways. We want to find out whether brain and/or behavior changes can be produced by neurofeedback, in which an individual’s own brain signals are displayed back to them. Neurofeedback may help healthy individuals or individuals with a disorder like ADHD improve behaviors such as attention.

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Who can participate?

Individuals who:

  • Are 12 years or older
  • Are able to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Are able to complete an MRI scan

What does participation involve?

  1. An in-person visit to Two Brookline Place
  2. This visit will involve a series of computer activities, questionnaires, and an MRI scan
  3. You may be given the opportunity to complete up to 7 follow-up visits, where you will do computer activities and an additional MRI scan.

What do participants receive?

After completing each visit participants receive a $100 giftcard. We also reimburse travel costs.

If you are interested in this study or have any questions, please email